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Torre de Santo Tomas is Located at 860 Corner M.F. Jhocson St. and Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila

It is now time to focus on the student and professional’s immediate location. In doing this, we highlight a couple of the academic institutions in the area. In keeping with the curious mind of the academic, we also make mention of a few surrounding controversies not likely to go away any day soon. No story on a prestigious residential complex located here can be complete without making mention of Manila Bay.

Torre De Santo Tomas’ official address is given as Jhocson Street and Espana Boulevard.


Espana Boulevard is located in Sampaloc, Metro Manila. Torre De Santo Tomas’ over forty floors look directly over the important University of Santo Tomas. The famous Arch of Centuries is also within sight from the complex. The University of Santo Tomas takes pride of place in this urban area’s so-called university belt.

Other major academic institutions were highlighted earlier. Also, Torre De Santo Tomas will be close to the Rizal Park, the Rizal Museum and the city’s National Museum complex. But it is also here where the Art Deco Jai Alai building was once located. It was cleared to make provision for rapid urban development expansions.


In keeping with this article’s intentions to keep its readers informed on their potential place of residence’s surroundings, concerns to do with how rapid urban sprawl potentially harms historic landmarks and institutions well worth preserving are briefly highlighted. One line of enquiry never under threat is that of the city’s educational landmarks. If land must be cleared at some stage or another to make progress then you can be sure that educational institutions will only benefit. And so too, the studious residents of Torre De Santo Tomas. 


In razing the Art Deco Jai Alai, the Arellano structure was removed. It was originally intended to make way for a justice precinct which ended up never being built. The UST Main Building is today surrounded by tall, modern structures. This building was approved as a national cultural landmark well worth preserving.

Concerns, however, have also been raised that condominium constructions, of which Torre de Santo Tomas is one, are despoiling the visual aesthetics of the University of Santo Tomas, also declared as a National Historical Landmark and National Cultural Treasure. 


Parts of Manila Bay have also been reclaimed, and continue to be so. The main commercial motivation for this land and water reclamation has to do with erecting ambitious gaming and gambling establishments. To date, the Philippine’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources has given the go ahead for present and future necessary commercial developments. 

For the record, Manila Bay is still a natural harbor which serves the Port of Manila for the purposes of commerce and trade between the country and its neighboring and global countries. Long since before Spanish occupation, this bay was a site for social and economic progress.

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