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An array of commercial establishments at the podium level to conveniently serve your basic needs.

Now, on to the more important and pleasant matter of student (and professional) life here at Torre De Santo Tomas. It is time to take one more look at what this commercial and residential institution has to offer its future residents. While the target market of The One has been focused on the students for quite some time, investors need to be reminded that there is more to this development than meets the eye.

Immediate draw cards remain instant attractions for all twenty first century professionals. The attractions of the city are well-known, but the bonus attraction will always be close proximity to the beachfront in a climate more than apt for outdoor activities. Being an active member of the Torre de Santo Tomas collegiate community stretches beyond the city’s long history.


There is also an opportunity to play an active part in the entire area’s future. One area of contention, development and subsequent preservation is that of the Bay Area’s coastal and marine life. Manila Bay is home to the iconic mangroves, beaches, inland forests and coral reefs. Today, the mangrove ecosystem has been turned on its head. The last recorded count at the time of this article’s composition stated that under one thousand hectares remained of Pampanga Bay’s mangrove swamps.

Today, the region presents a world of opportunity for students of conservation and the environment as a haven for research and development. Mangroves also act as forms of natural protection against cyclones and storms familiar to the area.


Alongside students’ communal study areas lie the promenade and lounge. Residents also have access to a laundry and convenience store on the premises. Commercial amenities exist at podium level for all residents, servicing everyday needs that need not be fetched off the Torre de Santo premises. Residents are safe and secure with twenty four hour security and closed circuit TV monitoring. Fire protection is also secured by way of smoke and heat detectors and a fire alarm and sprinkler system. Power generators are all on standby.


Torre De Santo Tomas has been given a five star rating. The in house amenities having been mentioned, surrounding amenities also add value to the property’s luxury and convenience and financial value. Young jetsetters, whether students or professionals, have immediate access to the famous Baywalk.

Using this space for socializing, exercise and fishing, they never need to lose touch with their cultural, historic and natural heritage.  Access to the public has been beefed up through improved security measures.

Having mentioned the student and his or her life in-depth as a resident of Torre De Santo Tomas, what lies ahead once the graduation parties have come and gone? Do newly graduated professionals simply move on in life as it were? Or do they stay on, having made inroads in establishing themselves in the greater Metro Manila?


The latter question seems to be the focus for both developers and their clients. With a luxurious and convenient place to call home, why move, especially since all the conveniences of life and places of work are so close by. Prudent investors are always looking ahead in life. In purchasing one or more condo units on Torre De Santo Tomas, investors are actively engaging in the accepted and well advised practice of always taking the long term view.


  • Promenade
  • Lobby/Reception Area
  • Lounge/Study Area
  • Kiosk
  • Swimming Pool
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