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Torre de Santo Tomas

Project at a Glance
Project Location: 860 Corner M.F. Jhocson St. and Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila
Turnover Date: December 2015
Unit Sizes: 18.68 sqm. to 26.90 sqm
Price Range: Php 2.7M to Php 3.7M


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Torre de Santo Tomas By The One

At the heart of the university belt in Manila stands proudly the Torre de Santo Tomas, a 45-storey residential community overlooking the historic University of Santo Tomas (UST) and the Arch of the Centuries (the entrance to the university) on the background. The Arch is an ancient structure (built in 1680) while the Torre is the symbol of modernity and Filipino ingenuity. This condominium project is brought to you by The One, the country’s premier property developer.

Torre de Santo Tomas is a 5-star deluxe residential development catering mostly to middle-income earners, modern couples, starting families, young professionals or those who want their children to live in a cozy place near Manila’s university belt to study or to pursue masters or doctoral degrees. After studying, staying in this convenient place is a clever idea while working. This condominium community is certainly high-quality but it is truly affordable. The project solely stands along 860 corners M.F. Jhocson St. and España Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila.

The Torre de Santo Tomas is truly worth every peso of investment where you can chose from Studio Unit, 1-BR, 2-BR or Penthouse Deluxe Units. Whichever you chose, you are bound to profit more in space, luxury, convenience, location and the astounding amenities and facilities aside from its affordability. Experience the utmost privacy and absolute safety inside the Torre.


Torre de Santo Tomas stands aloft of all precincts that form integral parts of Manila Bay, part of the greater Metro Manila, the legislative and commercial capital of the Philippines, one of Southeast Asia’s most culturally diverse and economically developed countries. This regional strength, of course, has much to do with the country’s longstanding historical legacies, stretching back five or six centuries.

But why live at Torre De Santo Tomas, in particular? This is the article’s locus. It begins with a coincidental introduction to this property development’s developer. It has to do with the developer’s surprising about turn where target markets are concerned. Thereafter, potential readers are led straight into how a typical unit is structured.

Leaving the apartment for a while, readers are drawn to how Torre De Santo Tomas and its surroundings suits their way of life, assuming that they are that target market. To make a convincing selling point by way of stating facts, it is also necessary to bring readers’ attention to the complex’s location. Attention is paid to the target market’s immediate centers of attraction. Of interest to this market should be some of Manila’s legacies, not always positive.


No matter what work you are doing, there must always be a time and place for relaxation and recreation. While Torre de Santo Tomas does make provision for this, its close proximity to the country’s major tourist attraction, Manila Bay is of significance. Returning home, as it were, the reader’s attention is drawn to his or her likely amenities within the complex. Features highlighted pave the way for readers to decide for themselves whether Torre De Santo Tomas is an ideal place to promote their lives, professional ambitions and hedonistic tendencies.

But in setting the mind to living here, what does the future hold for the first-time investor. That needs to be brought to mind before making a conscious decision to invest in property. There is, however, no need for dilemmas to preoccupy the mind. After all, is it not true that the majority of university and college students already have serious ambitions in mind on what the future holds for them? And it must just be emphasized that Torre De Santo Tomas’ developer, The One, does not only have students in mind where their unique Manila Bay development is concerned. The strategically chosen location and the units’ infrastructure make the complex ideal for educational institution professionals and developing professionals alike.


All units stretch over a length of forty five floors. Units are compact in size but remain spacious and amenable for collegiate and professional lifestyles which need to encompass recreational activities, such as watching television and dining with colleagues and friends. Investors have the invidious choice to invest in studio apartments and one to two bed-roomed units.

Those with more lofty ideals, and with the budget to match, have the opportunity to make a purchase from a selection of penthouse suites which, of course, offer residents a panoramic view of the Manila bay. Units for selection are sized from just over eighteen square meters to just under twenty seven square meters. And each and every unit affords its residents with more than enough space, privacy and comfort.

But where privacy is concerned, it does not mean that units have been structured for an individual, solitudinal life. This would run against the grain of Filipino life in general. No, units have been designed in such a way that it can accommodate up to three residents.


But just how is it that each unit and its surroundings make it a perfect place for students and university and college professionals to live? Let us take a brief look, shall we. To abbreviate, students and their peers and collegiate masters have close access to major institutions such as UST, FEU and UE. They are also close to other schools and peer review centers of work. This is what it means to be living and working along the area’s University Belt.

The communal gathering points on the lower levels of the complex come equipped with the usual amenities that high end investors have come to expect. These would include anything from shops to restaurants to a fully equipped gymnasium and swimming pool. But in keeping with academic and Filipino life, Torre De Santo Tomas also has its own study hall. Recreational amenities to do with the proverbial coffee break are also quite close by.

Inside of each unit, Wi-Fi capabilities and cabling for television channels has been installed. Keeping in touch with the world, these amenities remain an essential feature of student and research life.

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Torre de Santo Tomas - Location & Vicinity

Torre de Santo Tomas is Located at 860 Corner M.F. Jhocson St. and Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila

It is now time to focus on the student and professional’s immediate location. In doing this, we highlight a couple of the academic institutions in the area. In keeping with the curious mind of the academic, we also make mention of a few surrounding controversies not likely to go away any day soon. No story on a prestigious residential complex located here can be complete without making mention of Manila Bay.

Torre De Santo Tomas’ official address is given as Jhocson Street and Espana Boulevard.


Espana Boulevard is located in Sampaloc, Metro Manila. Torre De Santo Tomas’ over forty floors look directly over the important University of Santo Tomas. The famous Arch of Centuries is also within sight from the complex. The University of Santo Tomas takes pride of place in this urban area’s so-called university belt.

Other major academic institutions were highlighted earlier. Also, Torre De Santo Tomas will be close to the Rizal Park, the Rizal Museum and the city’s National Museum complex. But it is also here where the Art Deco Jai Alai building was once located. It was cleared to make provision for rapid urban development expansions.


In keeping with this article’s intentions to keep its readers informed on their potential place of residence’s surroundings, concerns to do with how rapid urban sprawl potentially harms historic landmarks and institutions well worth preserving are briefly highlighted. One line of enquiry never under threat is that of the city’s educational landmarks. If land must be cleared at some stage or another to make progress then you can be sure that educational institutions will only benefit. And so too, the studious residents of Torre De Santo Tomas. 


In razing the Art Deco Jai Alai, the Arellano structure was removed. It was originally intended to make way for a justice precinct which ended up never being built. The UST Main Building is today surrounded by tall, modern structures. This building was approved as a national cultural landmark well worth preserving.

Concerns, however, have also been raised that condominium constructions, of which Torre de Santo Tomas is one, are despoiling the visual aesthetics of the University of Santo Tomas, also declared as a National Historical Landmark and National Cultural Treasure. 


Parts of Manila Bay have also been reclaimed, and continue to be so. The main commercial motivation for this land and water reclamation has to do with erecting ambitious gaming and gambling establishments. To date, the Philippine’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources has given the go ahead for present and future necessary commercial developments. 

For the record, Manila Bay is still a natural harbor which serves the Port of Manila for the purposes of commerce and trade between the country and its neighboring and global countries. Long since before Spanish occupation, this bay was a site for social and economic progress.

Torre de Santo Tomas Location

Torre de Santo Tomas - Photo Gallery

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Reception Area



Aerial view

Ground Floor Plan

Entrance Lobby

Torre de Santo Tomas - Features & Amenities

An array of commercial establishments at the podium level to conveniently serve your basic needs.

Now, on to the more important and pleasant matter of student (and professional) life here at Torre De Santo Tomas. It is time to take one more look at what this commercial and residential institution has to offer its future residents. While the target market of The One has been focused on the students for quite some time, investors need to be reminded that there is more to this development than meets the eye.

Immediate draw cards remain instant attractions for all twenty first century professionals. The attractions of the city are well-known, but the bonus attraction will always be close proximity to the beachfront in a climate more than apt for outdoor activities. Being an active member of the Torre de Santo Tomas collegiate community stretches beyond the city’s long history.


There is also an opportunity to play an active part in the entire area’s future. One area of contention, development and subsequent preservation is that of the Bay Area’s coastal and marine life. Manila Bay is home to the iconic mangroves, beaches, inland forests and coral reefs. Today, the mangrove ecosystem has been turned on its head. The last recorded count at the time of this article’s composition stated that under one thousand hectares remained of Pampanga Bay’s mangrove swamps.

Today, the region presents a world of opportunity for students of conservation and the environment as a haven for research and development. Mangroves also act as forms of natural protection against cyclones and storms familiar to the area.


Alongside students’ communal study areas lie the promenade and lounge. Residents also have access to a laundry and convenience store on the premises. Commercial amenities exist at podium level for all residents, servicing everyday needs that need not be fetched off the Torre de Santo premises. Residents are safe and secure with twenty four hour security and closed circuit TV monitoring. Fire protection is also secured by way of smoke and heat detectors and a fire alarm and sprinkler system. Power generators are all on standby.


Torre De Santo Tomas has been given a five star rating. The in house amenities having been mentioned, surrounding amenities also add value to the property’s luxury and convenience and financial value. Young jetsetters, whether students or professionals, have immediate access to the famous Baywalk.

Using this space for socializing, exercise and fishing, they never need to lose touch with their cultural, historic and natural heritage.  Access to the public has been beefed up through improved security measures.

Having mentioned the student and his or her life in-depth as a resident of Torre De Santo Tomas, what lies ahead once the graduation parties have come and gone? Do newly graduated professionals simply move on in life as it were? Or do they stay on, having made inroads in establishing themselves in the greater Metro Manila?


The latter question seems to be the focus for both developers and their clients. With a luxurious and convenient place to call home, why move, especially since all the conveniences of life and places of work are so close by. Prudent investors are always looking ahead in life. In purchasing one or more condo units on Torre De Santo Tomas, investors are actively engaging in the accepted and well advised practice of always taking the long term view.


  • Promenade
  • Lobby/Reception Area
  • Lounge/Study Area
  • Kiosk
  • Swimming Pool

Torre de Santo Tomas - Price List

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 2,708,600 18.68 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,787,410 26.90 sqm

Torre de Santo Tomas - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: 60-40
60% payable in 12 months no interest
40% payable upon turnover of the unit through bank or inhouse financing
Option 2: 20-30-50
20% down payment one month after reservation fee
30% payable in 12 months no interest
50% payable upon turnover of the unit through bank or inhouse financing
Option 3: 10-40-50
10% down payment one month after reservation fee
40% payable in 12 months no interest
50% payable upon turnover of the unit through bank or inhouse financing
Option 4: 15-45-40
15% down payment one month after reservation fee
45% payable in 12 months no interest
40% payable upon turnover of the unit through bank or inhouse financing

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Why You Should Invest In  Torre de Santo Tomas

Perfect setup for students

University students will have the grand time in a cozy yet pristine environment while pursuing academic life. Everything they need is within their arms’ reach. The project is also equipped with study area with lots of computers and is much quieter than the quietest library in the land.

Savor the perfect ambience while they are making their theses or rewriting term papers in an atmosphere as breezy yet as quiet as the moon. Give them a break from Manila’s congested and noisy streets. Here is the best place to unwind, relax and write some homework.

Superb amenities, facilities and utilities

Experience the thrill and excitement every time you and your kids step into the Torre de Santo Tomas, be overwhelmed with the grand promenade lobby, the adorable reception area lounge and shop in an array of commercial establishments at the podium level. Take a dip in the sprawling swimming pool before going to the study area.

The site also features kiosk laundry; provisions for telephone line, cable TV and Internet connection. The building is also equipped with CCTV system manned by uniformed security 24/7. Parking is at the podium level. There are 3 high-speed elevators servicing all floors, there are no reasons your kids will be late from school and every unit has smoke and heat detection fire alarm and sprinkler system and large capacity standby generators. The building is totally black out-free.

Student-friendly environment

The Sampaloc district in urban Manila had long been the University Belt area of the capital. Several dozen schools and academic institutions (higher education) are thriving within the district’s locality. Aside from UST, some of those well-known schools near the Torre de Manila are the University of the East- Recto, Far Eastern University, National University, Arellano University, Mapua Institute of Technology, San Beda College, National College of Business and Arts, Centro Escolar University and several more.

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